Our VPS Plans

Bonus RAM + Bandwidth Limited Time Promo!
For New Orders and Upgrades. While Supplies Last.

RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly
512 MB
256 MB
5 GB 200 GB
100 GB
$10 Order
768 MB
512 MB
10 GB 300 GB
200 GB
$15 Order
1024 MB
768 MB
20 GB 500 GB
400 GB
$20 Order
1536 MB
1024 MB
40 GB 800 GB
400 GB
$30 Order
2560 MB
2048 MB
80 GB 1200 GB
800 GB
$50 Order
"The American" — Go Big or Go Home
4096 MB 120 GB 2400 GB
1600 GB
$80 Order

Don't see the plan you're looking for? We can build a VPS tailored to your needs, contact us.

VPS Power Ups

If you need extra RAM, Disk, Bandwidth, or IPs, you can add what you need in the following increments. Prices are monthly recurring charges.

RAM: $5 / 256 MB
Bandwidth: $5 / 200 GB
Storage: $0.50 / GB
IPs: $5 / 5 IP block (/29)
Backup Space: $0.10 / GB
CPU Cores: $2 / core

VPS with Direct Peering

Do you have your own ASN and want to announce your IP blocks to our core? No problem!

Includes IRR objects, filters, session setup & on-going maintenace.

BGP sessions are $10 per month without any bandwidth commitment, or included free of charge with a 5 Mbps or higher commitment.

BGP Session: Free
(5 Mbps minimum)
BGP Session: $10
(No minimum)

Why Us?

We support FreeBSD and OpenBSD, as well as many flavors of Linux.
We're fully IPv6 ready. Each customer gets an IPv6 block by default.
We run our own network, which is fully redundant, with over 50 peers.
We have peering partners with particular strengths in Asia and Australia.
We use KVM/QEMU, providing full hardware virtualization, not containers or jails.
We try to keep our boxes lightly loaded, no crowding.
You can compile your own kernel. Most providers make you use theirs.
Our servers have redundant power supplies feeding into separate PDUs.
Our servers have RAID 10 storage arrays, for the lowest latency in read/write.
You can access your VPS' serial console and VNC for out-of-band access.
We offer BGP sessions with a full routing table.
No one on our staff has less than a decade of experience in running servers.
Billing is monthly and you may cancel at any time.
No contract and no setup fees.


Our BGP network (AS 25795)
Fully redundant
Native IPv6
IPv6 block (/48)
Unmetered inter-VPS communication
Speed test (Los Angeles): 100mb.bin
Low prices on bandwidth
Dedicated Resources
RAM is not over subscribed
Dedicated CPU resources
Dual 4-core Intel servers
Our boxes are lightly loaded
Operating Systems
Full root access
Reboot capability
32-bit and 64-bit architecture
Multiple CPUs (SMP) supported
Compile your own kernel
Management Console
Serial port available over SSH
Console access via VNC
Out-of-band management
Reverse DNS manager
Servers with redundant power
Primary and backup power feeds
RAID 10 disk arrays (8x HDs)
Backup space available
Data Center
Tier III infrastructure
SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance